A Women’s Perspective on Growing Up as a Female

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The suggests that women are not given ample opportunities to explore their multi-dimensional talents and values because they are left with the perception that they must constantly conform to mainstream values about women and gender roles. Moreover, women are also believed to compare their bodies with other women when building a model of the ideal self (Trampe, Stapel and Siero, 2007). This paper explores the unique perceptions of five women, of varying ages and demographics, regarding what it means to be a woman and the role of the woman in today’s American society.All of the research subjects maintained different economic backgrounds and family structures. It was important for this paper to identify the specific demographics in order to fully measure the research results based on responses.The women interviewed were exposed to the idea that many women consider life to be similar to that of a beauty pageant and to describe their perceptions on what this meant in society. All of the women unanimously understood the basic premise of the question and offered a tremendous volume of scenarios and connections to how they feel that women are portrayed in society, with the majority of their examples taking a negative connotation. This was evident by body language and obvious facial grimaces when touching on certain subjects. Clearly, this entire segment of interview subjects believed that women were constantly being judged by others to compare to some ideal social viewpoint of beauty which was unrealistic and largely unachievable. Even Subject Five, the grandmother, believed that older women were always being depicted with fresh faces and pearly white teeth (Personal Interview, 2009). Subject Five’s intention was to express that television commercial such as those for denture adhesives create an unrealistic picture of today’s active grandmothers, as bingo players and scorekeepers (Personal Interview, 2009).