A Voyage unto Spiritual Bliss

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His work thus stands out as a classic example of how the concepts of spirituality and compassion transform humans and change the way they look at the world.The plot, on a surface level, involves the story of Augustus, a fifteen-year-old boy, and the adventures, which string together his encounters with alien beings that form the core of his evolution into spiritual attainment. Hailing from an established family, he is well taken care of by his parents in a material context. but otherwise Augustus feels secluded and alienated from them. Both his parents are busy with their own private matters and they don’t share much of their time with him. Their lack of involvement becomes most apparent from the episode where they fail to notice the burst of ‘the great light coming out of his room’ (Brown, p-3), as also from the references to their attitude that ‘most of his exits went unannounced and unobserved’ (p-11). They also rather tend to incline towards the material side of life, at the peril of disregarding the spiritual needs, as is obvious from the fact that they visit the church only on occasions like Easter and Christmas. Thus Jeff Brown manages to guide the readers through the alleys of the boy’s aloofness with the use of clear and simple narrative devices. Augustus possesses a natural talent in science and is a good learner with straight ‘A’s in his classes. Though lacking in spiritual education, he is very receptive to the process of learning and has the wisdom to readily understand philosophical concepts. This makes him the ideal choice for the visitation by the extraterrestrial entities. The meetings with those celestial beings exposes him to a brand new world and fresh thoughts and concepts, thereby enflaming the spirituality within him that hitherto was in a dormant state.