A Term Which Derives From The Evolution Of The Worlds’S Economic System In Which More Developed

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A term which derives from the evolution of the worlds’s economic system in which more developed

countries of the world seek to establish overseas suppliers for their food, raw materials, and exotic produce from undeveloped countries, allowing the more developed countries to specialize in more profitable lmanufacturing and knowledge industries is called?


economy of scale


international division of labor


Question 51

All of the following are examples of spatial diffusion except:

movement of a sports team from one city to another

disease outbreak

political movements

technological innovation

new musical fads

Question 52

Space like distance and location takes many dimensions. Unwanted intrusion into your life or your social territory is referred to as which of the following?

experiential space

behavioral space

cognitive space

personal space

Question 53

Absolute space is:

experiential/cultural space.

socioeconomic space.

mathematical space.

behavioral space.

Question 54

Which of the following types of transportaton/communication technologies is not one of those which have helped to shrink the world and make it a smaller place?

stage coach

electronic mail software

national postal services

fax machines (facsimile)

satellite communiction systems