A Study of the Access Women Have in Male Dominated Sports

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2) Background to the study
The challenges that hinder women from participating in male dominated sports are1
2.1. Female invisibility: discrimination in management, funding, media representation.
2.2. Discrimination in providing proper access to sporting facilities.
2.3. Body consciousness and Abhorrence of physical activity.
2.4. Attitudes and prejudices about sexuality.
2.5. Fears of personal safety, sexual harassment and abuse.
2.6. Parental and adult influence.
2.7. Stereotyping and prejudices about ethnicity.
2.8. Academic performance priority.
2.9. Lack of self-confidence
2.10.Lack of money
2.11.Lack of time

3. Justification
A detailed explanation of each of the foregoing points is provided below.
3.1. Female invisibility: discrimination in management, funding, media representation
At all levels, women’s sports and games attract less funding that men’s. Prize money at all major sports and games is vastly higher for men as compared to women. Women are under-represented in sports organisations. Girls miss out on involvement in sport because of lack of female role models. The four points mentioned above are hyper-inflated when it comes to women’s involvement in physical contact sports like football and rugby. Girls’ teams of such sports attract less sponsorship from local businesses because of the low revenue they generate, less spectators and low profile media coverage of their games.