A Social and Community Service in Australia

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Then, there is an inherent trait of being scarce on resources, whether it is the finance or the volunteers. They have to do some hard work when it comes to the optimization of resources. These organizations also believe in a culture where participation of the human resources, and their consensus in decision-making matter. Informality is the basis of the environment. They also have to take care of not one financial bottom line, but of a mission bottom line, that is, they have to see if they are performing well when it comes to helping the aged for example. The results of the tasks that they indulge in are difficult to assess since they affect the community more on the intangible side. Another characteristic is that the governing board plays a dual role, in overseeing the activities as well as supporting the mission of the community service organization. And lastly, the characteristic salient for the human resource of a community company is that they have mixed skills and skill levels, and the organization depends quite much on the participation from volunteers.

As far as bureaucracies are concerned, let us first define the meaning of the term. Bureaucracy refers to the way in which the administration of any organization would execute its duties and make sure that all legal issues are adhered to, and arrange the same in a manner which is socially understandable and is organized enough for the stakeholders to follow. There has always been a debate if bureaucracy will apply to all sorts of organizations. And it is said that community service organizations cannot operate under a bureaucracy because the community service relies on social needs as well as political decisions that can affect them. Therefore, these bureaucratic systems, which work on rational forecasts, are difficult to apply to them.

There are various types of community service organizations, which have&nbsp.service provisions for a varying client base. Its just like& marketing in marketing. If the company focuses on one segment, it gets easier for them to increase their revenue.