A short summation as to why you are interested in transferring to ICU or the Operating Room

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Summary My work background includes work experiences which I believe would be highly relevant to my current application. Before I became a nurse, Iworked as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS). At that time, my work was within a satellite laboratory in the Operating Room. In this work, I was able to observe different operations and I found these procedures interesting and fascinating. I also had the opportunity to observe a couple of laparoscopic surgeries while I was a nursing student. My experiences there have influenced my current interest in working in the Operating Room. At present, I am a medical-surgical telemetry nurse, but I would be very much interested in this Operating Room nurse opportunity. I have long wanted to specialize in critical care or surgical nursing and am very eager to be considered in this current available opportunity. I am very much interested in this position because I believe I have the necessary qualities which can help me learn and train in this field. I am enthused by the position, and I am eager to improve my skills in the Operating Room. I have completed a year of employment as a registered nurse at FVRH and I am currently not in any stage of performance improvement. I have also not previously applied in the Versant program. I consider myself not only a fast, but also a very eager learner. The Operating Room has always been a source of fascination for me, and I have long wanted to consider work opportunities as an OR Nurse. I pray that you consider my application mostly because I believe I can work well with your team in order to help fulfill the goals of the Versant Model for new graduates, helping support successful transition to critical care or surgery. I value this opportunity especially in relation to a future career as an Operating Room Nurse.