A Review of London Docklands

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LDCC developed a master plan and preferred to depend on the market led redevelopment. . Dockland was very close to the city of London which made it an attractive and preferable for establishment of the office as well as it is possible for residential development on the riverside to accommodate single high income households. The approach that applied to the development of London Dockland Area was clear and simple and it emphasized on attracting investment in that area. The LDCC was formed to develop this area. It is due to the initiative of the LDCC the filling of the old dock was stopped and it became most popular and preferable area for the people to invest. The approach that was followed by the LDCC during redesigning of the Dockland area was to improve the transportation. The development of transportation is considered as the key to the redevelopment of the London Dockland. The tenants of the new office desired more efficient transport facility that will link or connect the area with the city. In order to fulfil or satisfy the desire of its potential tenants it focussed more on the development of transportation facilities. The first phase towards the development of the dockland was developing the Dockland Railway links. The developers of Greenwich Peninsula also extended their help and support for redevelopment of the area. In spite of various economic and financial uncertainty and risk, these railway links or connections encourages or motivated the commercial tenants to Canary wharf.