A Review of How to Improve ECommerce

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It has become remarkably easy for people to hack and conduct crimes with the use of technology. Cybercrimes are exceedingly rampant in modern times since everyone is computer savvy and everything is done through the internet. Site security is responsible for making it possible for people, or organizations to conduct business. This paper will review the manner in which it can be made possible. This is through security measures that are put in place to ensure customer data confidentiality. E-commerce is the exchange of goods, services, and products over the internet. This exchange can only be made possible if the internet site that makes this exchange possible is safe (Margherita, 2005). A secure system is ready to make these transactions possible and accomplish them without any side effects. Security is all about the confidentiality, the availability, and integrity of the system (Ghosh, 2001). If these threes aspects are not met, then it is clear that the site security intended to offer security is not dependable. For the audit, helping people understand that people, or organizations value their confidentiality is the most crucial factor. Confidentiality means that whatever happens between the service provider and the clients get whatever they want without having the network oversee what happens between their deals. They cannot, therefore, interfere with the conducting of business. It would be considered a breach of privacy, which is considered a breach in confidentiality (Ghosh, 2001). The other most notable thing is integrity. It is imperative for the sites providing these services to be honest. They are supposed to give the services to clients as they were provided by the service provider. If the services being delivered were to arrive any different from how they were intended, the site’s security would be deemed as incompetent. This means that everyone will be scared of doing business in the way they usually do business. Integrity is the factor that creates trust among the people or organizations doing online business (Ghosh, 2001). The availability of site security is also something worth noting. It is the availability of security that enables the transactions to be possible. Without them, these transactions would be impossible as crimes would be on the rise. This is since the security systems can be penetrated by anyone with exceptional computer skills and intellect. The site security can impact the conducting of business online with such availability. It can be positive and/or negative. These three aspects are appropriate in the way, and manner that site security can impact the growth and development of e-commerce (Ghosh, 2001). To ensure that the confidential nature of the business is maintained, site security could make some changes to the security systems available. Some of these changes and modifications are aimed at making the clientele feel much safer while conducting some of their businesses. Security features are upgraded for the complete protection of the customers. These features include. authentication, authorization, and encryption (Smith, 2004). They all lead to the protection of the customers hoping to use the internet to conduct business. Authentication ensures that customers are who they say they are. This is particularly crucial in the site’s security measures to curb the infiltration of customer data. Once this is done, it is extremely easy for customers to access their businesses through the