A Publicly Owned Large Company

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This case briefly analyzes the real world problems which a company might face while having a meeting in order to select its supplier. If the problems are not resolved at the first stage i.e. while having meetings, then there are considerable chances of facing immense amount of problems later on. This case provides insights about the potential problems which may arise at the stage of having first meeting with the potential supplier. Central Problem Jill Turner, representative of Success Inc. is having a meeting with Supplier A Inc. in order to find out if they are competent enough to be selected as a supplier for Success Inc. During the meeting, Jill encountered various issues. These issues included the strange quietness of the representatives of Supplier A Inc., not checking the business cards of the representatives which can be considered as Jill’s own mistake, not being sure where the headquarter of the company is located and not knowing who is the right person to talk with. In the subsequent paragraphs, discussion has been provided about how to cope up with such problems, why these problems arise and what were the reasons behind such problems. Statement of Objectives There are certain areas which need to be analyzed and evaluated before commencing a meeting. If that is not done, than it might lead to wrong decision making and ultimately will end up in against of the company. Wrong decision will definitely cause loss of money and time to the company therefore it is required to be very careful before taking such big decision. This case analyzes what mistakes can occur during meeting while selecting a supplier. Areas of Consideration (SWOT) Strengths The strength of Success Inc is that it has smart representative namely Jill Turner, who sincerely looks for all the pros and cons before choosing any supplier. Success Inc is very cautious while selecting a supplier which is the strength of this company. Success Inc.’s representatives hold meetings with each of the potential supplier before selecting the right one. They analyze and evaluate each and every aspect so as to avoid any serious problems in future. Weakness The weakness which Success Inc. possesses is that its representatives at times make such mistakes which can cause loss of time and money to the company. Representatives of Success Inc need to be more careful and must not be so judgemental. Threats By not analyzing own mistakes and ignoring those mistakes, there are chances for the supplier to get the deal by showing misleading facts and figures. Success Inc. needs to analyze each and every single point before coming to the final decision otherwise the suppliers might take the advantage and therefore the threat of bargaining power of supplier can increase substantially. Opportunities After analyzing the case, it seems that the opportunity that Success Inc. has is that they usually do not have time pressure. By not being bounded to the time frame, they can take as much time as they want and can study comprehensively about each supplier. The financial position, previous performance, lead time, delivery and quality are some areas which need to be considered thoroughly before taking any final decision. Time Context Success Inc. doesn’t have any time pressure which means that they are not compelled to launch a particular product in particular time frame which gives Success Inc. an edge in studying more carefully about the potential suppliers. Alternative Courses of Action Selecting an appropriate supplier is not an easy task for large companies. There are many areas to consider before selecting a supplier. Most often, companies mislead the information so accurately in order to get the deal that it becomes difficult in considering if the facts