A Powerful Tool and Protector of the Citizens of the US

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As a concerned American citizen, I would like you, Mr. President, to reconsider and amend the National Defense Authorization Act because it is unconstitutional and is, therefore, contradicting the constitution of the United States of America which holds great meaning to the citizens of this nation. I am a US citizen and have grown up being guided by the constitution which I view as a fair document that grants equality and protection to all citizens of the US. With these facts in mind, I, therefore, find some of the sections in the National Defense Authorization Act unconstitutional and would like them to be amended because they are in accordance with the amendments in the United States Constitution. Section 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act allow and grant authority to the counter-terrorism unit and the Armed forces to detain any individual (more so a United States citizen) who is suspected of being involved in terrorism. This section is against the first ten amendments of the US constitution which are in accordance with the Bill of Rights. The rights of the detained person are infringed upon and especially the rights to movement and liberty ( The above information is also supported by the American Civil liberties Union (ACLU) whose main aim and objective is the protection of an individual’s human rights and liberties according to the US constitution. This human rights group has been in the forefront to support in supporting the constitution and where the constitution is breached it has also to complain and demand an amendment.