A Nurse and Patient

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She woke up with more symptoms, most of them noted above (a runny nose, stuffy head, blurred vision. She states that she has also been under much stress at work and that illnesses have been going around at her work for about two months. Prior to this, she felt fine.On the paternal side, the patient’s grandmother had no serious health issues, but her grandfather died young of a heart attack at 52. Her father also had heart issues at a young age, but surgery at the age of 11 resolved this and he has had no health problems since. On the maternal side, the patient does not know her grandfather. Her grandmother is in good health, as is her mother, and there are no health issues to report there. Her brother, as well as her brother’s children, are also healthy, with no issues to report.Female Genital System. Menstrual history has been fine and regular. Age 13 at menarche. Last menstrual period was three weeks ago. She does not experience premenstrual pain or discomfort. She gets a once yearly pap and checkup, and her results were fine.The patient has a realistic perception of health. Overall, she believes in working out and eating right to keep herself healthy. She also involves herself in supportive interpersonal relationships.