A Naming Agency

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According to the articles history, most celebrities have found it difficult to find a suitable name for their children. This has made them adopt funny names that may have an impact on the child’s life. By capitalizing on this situation, Maryanna expects to serve new parents who are unable to come up with good names. In overall, parents and newborn are her target market.
Maryanna would receive a lot of competition from companies that manufacture baby care products. It is evident that such companies have their own name experts who are charged with the responsibility of naming baby products. Baby products are always required to be in sync with catchy names. Such names may form clues to parents on how to name their children (Osborn, 2009, p.245). By being able to name children on their own, the parents won’t need those services of Maryanna thereby threatening her business. There are other companies that specialize in naming celebrity children. Such companies pose a great challenge to Maryanna since they are engaged in the same line of business. Such situations may lead to one of them diversifying into other fields thereby incurring unwanted costs (Osborn, 2009, p.560).
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