A Matrix of Functions under the Umbrella Company

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A Matrix of Functions under the Umbrella Company Accenture is a worldwide multinational company that has interests and employees in fifty-four countries. It is registered in the New York stock exchange. The company offers profession and technological services to other organizations across the world. It is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Its revenue in 2014 was estimated at 30 billion US dollars with a net profit of 2.9 billion US dollars and an operating capital of 4.3 billion dollars. Its total assets are estimated at an impressive 17.9 billion dollars and have a total equity of 5.7 billion dollars. It has 319,000 employees worldwide which makes it a notable world player in the area of business.[acc14] The company operates as a matrix of functions under the umbrella company, which are:Communications, Media and TechnologyFinancial ServicesProductsRecoursesHealth and Public ServicesThese five operating groups have nineteen industry subgroups that focus on business issues, evolution and relevant technology all focused on innovation and cutting edge market trends.AnalyticsThe company has heavily invested in cutting edge technology that has enabled it greatly improve its level of customer engagement and satisfaction. It keeps on top of business trends through engaging the best in all fields that are relevant to its day to day operations . It is constantly on the lookout for innovative methods of doing business so that it can deliver its services to its clientele as well as improve its service delivery.Business process managementThe process of doing business is a learned art and a science in itself and Accenture offers these services to its clientele. This is ensured first though the companies own performance in business and translated into services of better improving and providing the same services to clients.Customer Relations ManagementCustomer engagement and customer satisfaction is taken very seriously at Accenture with measures put in place to ensure that these two functions are closely monitored and controlled to achieve optimum levels. Surveys, consultants and other professionals are engaged to ensure that both internal as well as external research into these functions is achieved. FinanceAccenture has finance at its heart and its proper management in order to make profit is top priority as evidenced by its performance in the New York stock Exchange. It also endeavors to ensure confidence in investors as well as clients through sound financial management and adherence to international accounting standards for all its transactions. It publishes its accounts in all the relevant mediums for this express purpose.ManufacturingManufacturing is a key area in which competitive and relevant products are made available with emphasis on the highest qualityMergers and AcquisitionsThe company has undergone mergers and is also involved in acquisitions and other business interests across the world. Risk ManagementThis is a very necessary activity for the company especially since it needs to be able to accurately project the business environments such as political, economic and demand and supply issues.Supply Chain ManagementThe fact that the company stretches across the world makes it able to offer services, products of the same high quality around the world. This is done while remaining true to its brand name, identity and offers the same services to others.