A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare

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According to the present-day context, a majority of global marketers seek to employ newly minted MBAs. It has been observed that approximately 79% of global companies are looking for MBA graduates as has been identified by Graduate Management Association Council through surveying more than 800 organizations across the different regions (Korn, 2013). Therefore, it can be stated that the degree can significantly provide a considerable amount of opportunities to strengthen my career.
The extensive knowledge, skills as well as management competencies involved within the various subject areas of MBA course can facilitate me to learn effective business skills and techniques to develop the strategies of a particular organization. The learned skills would also enable me to make crucial decisions for the organization confidently at any situation which can be quite significant for the development of the organization in the long-term.
Boston University (BU) can be considered as one of the leading management institutions, which provides a range of management-related subject areas taught by a few renowned faculties. The institution offers a full-time MBA course through entailing different management fields and subject areas. Moreover, the professors and other faculties of the university have been recognized to be extremely skilled and competent along with possessing considerable experience in their respective fields (Boston University, Graduate Programs).
I have selected to pursue Health Sector MBA from BU due to my level of experience and adequate skills in the respective subject area. I have two years of experience in the healthcare sector as a patient account administrator in Partners Healthcare Inc. Boston, MA and as a medical biller/administrator in Two Brattle Center, P. C, Cambridge, MA.