A Literary Analysis on Fiesta 1980 by Junot Diaz

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Papi and his wife Mami have three children, all of who are living together. Yunior is in adolescence stage of growth and development. Rafa, a boy, is the oldest while Madi is the youngest. Madi suffers from recurring motion sickness during a road trip. She does not have time to enjoy a ride in her father’s brand new Volkswagen van, which is green in color. None of the children exhibits comfort of the brand new car.At the onset, when their dad arrived home after work and in preparation to leave for the party, it was assumed that he had come from Puerto Rican, his second girlfriend. At this time, Yunior notes that had their father arrived and found them lounging in their underpants. he would have bitten them by kicking them for something that might not even be serious. He always makes them fear him by punishing his kids. This has always raised their levels of apprehension whenever their father is not around. Yuniors family have a lot of fear and anxiety because of Papi. It is important to note that fathers should not scare their children.The anxiety disorder in Yunior can be seen in the manner he reacts to his father because he treats them negatively. This is evident from the onset because we are brought to the understanding of the way he treats them with a commanding personality. None of the offspring is fond of their dad. Additionally, we do not see a good bond between the children and their own dad due to his poor parenting style.An anxiety disorder arises from parental psychological abuse. Anxiety disorder can also arise from physical mistreatment. The condition affects about 10 per cent of children. The author gives a representation as with the protagonist, who is still young, but displays several psychological disorders that arise from the abuse, especially from his father. Fathers should be protectors but not the ones abusing their children. The main prevalent syndrome in the likes of yuniors would be phobia. There is phobia towards Papi and the road trips. There is also a generalized anxiety disorder that arose due to fear. Additionally, there are instances of eating disorder that is attributed to yoniors’ sister poorly timed eating pattern.Phobia is a medical condition connected to unrealistic fear towards a certain individuals or a given situation. In this article, it is a prodigious reaction toward the trips as well as Papi since he does not relate well with his progeny. The road trip fear to Pueto’s home in their dad’s new car fails to excite yuniors feelings. Madai, Rafa and Yunior’s fear is displayed in very different ways, most probably because of the arrangement in their ages following the order they were born.Rafa, the eldest of the three, and appears to have persevered their dad’s brutality and now does his best to circumvent them. Every moment that Papi was going to slap Yunior, Rafa inched away from them. On the other hand, Yuniors younger sister, Madai, may not experience the physical brutality but undergoes the verbal meanness is also avoiding their fathers utterances. Whenever their father arrives, she becomes too afraid that she cannot even afford to look around. Yunior has always strived so had to win his fathers recognition even though he still has distress because of the physical abuse that might ensue. Yunior seizes any opportunity to speak about their father.Generalized Anxiety Disorder denotes to the disruption in a person’s brain and how it takes control of signals that identify danger and the way it initiates the steps to evade it. In some instances, the signaling mechanism fails to function the way it was intended to. hence an individual will still undergo the danger signals even without such danger. The overpowering anxiety results in emotional distress, as such, affecting schooling and their general relationships with their peers and fathers. Those suffering from the disorder may exhibit nausea and headaches. Infernal nervousness, as seen in Yuniors case, causes emotive distress. It also has a negative effect on ones schooling and other relationships. The apprehension is revealed when the father drops by at his other girlfriends place. The children realize their fathers actions and what he when he is out of work. Yunior gets torn between his love for his mother as well as the wrath that will befall him from his father. He falls ill, worsening his eating disorder. It is evident that several factors led to his motion sickness: nervousness and revealing the promiscuous nature of Papi.Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) is reported to be taking a high toll since the 1980s. ARFID also refers to picky eating. Clinically, it is a food repugnance arising from sensory qualities of food that trigger physiological responses. Papi believes that yuniors sickness in motion is a consequence of his eating prior to journey and forbids him from consuming any food before travelling. Out of control binge follows Yuniors vomiting episodes leading to starvation. Yunior believes that eating should be done secretly without his dad’s knowledge and should be done whenever there is a chance to do so. to him, it is no longer something that should be enjoyed as a family. It is clear that the child will have eating issues even when he grows to be an adult.Conclusively, it is evident that Yunior is still young and quite a susceptible main character through A Literary Analysis On Fiesta, 1980 by Junot Diaz Essay. Yunior has exhibited several symptoms that range from severe phobia and rising eating disorder. The symptoms can be attributed to their daddy’s physical and psychological mistreatment. Diaz utilize the first-person narrative in order to connect the reader with the central character, making admittance into the primary characters isolated thoughts. It is clear that the story is easily relatable to many people as they experience almost similar ventures in their daily lives. The emotions relating to empathy have been evoked in the way the author brings out the dad’s ramifications in his dysfunctional family, especially in the manner in which Yunior has been portrayed. The author also encourages the emotions associated with unison in the way the protagonist relates with his siblings.