A Letter of Intent for Dental School

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I, had hailed from a family wherein my mother had a degree in oriental medicine after working as a nurse for a while, my sister had graduated from a medical school and was working in Korea. I was a biology majors at college, came to the U.S in the year 2000. Medicine had always been my career choice. The seven semesters I worked in the UG biomedical engineering research lab . my presidential UG research award and the poster presentation at the BMES conference always led me to believe the fact that ‘medicine’ would be my choice of career. Being the secretary for the student club for a year gave me the opportunity to share, express and understand views of other people around me in respect to our career choices as well as personal lives. It had never occurred to me that I would ever think about dentistry as a career option. Two months at the dentist’s office in 2007 did give me an insight and also led me to another genre of thought. There was one more string that attached my aims and goals together. Treading away from this thought for a while I would also like to mention how my mother taught me why it is important for us as individuals to realize the difference between Aims and goals of life personally and professionally. I would want to mention it here, aims being what we want in the long run , the bigger picture .Goals on the other hand act as stepping stones towards achieving those aims. My aim always has always been to do something significant in medicine for a personal reason and conviction ‘putting smiles on other people’s faces. That’s exactly what I realized treading onto dentistry was. Being in that office the dentist was doing the same. And now that I’m actually thinking how this flux of career option will fulfill my personal and professional goals, it all falls into place. I feel the same zeal and commitment now for dentistry and I also feel and believe that I can do this and I will be able to put a big smile on other people’s faces… after all.