A juicy position email requesting information about careers in at jamba juice

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of the of the Concerned 15 May E-Mail Requesting Information about Careers in Jamba Juice Request for Information about Careers in Jamba Juice Dear Sir/Madam, I am a graduate level student who intends to solicit from you information about career opportunities at Jamba Juice. Over the years, I have been a regular customer at your local stores. I really appreciated the culture and approach at the stores I visited and realized that starting a career with Jamba Juice will be something that will be exactly in consonance with my personal values and way of life. Therefore, I decided to contact you to request for the requisite information. To build on my knowledge about your esteemed company, I visited your website. It was really heartening to read your product philosophy, about your products and your essential belief in providing the local communities the necessary nutrition by using products made out of natural ingredients. Spending an hour at the website I realized that Jamba Juice is not merely about products and business, but it is actually about promoting and encouraging a way of life that is natural, healthy and well balanced. I intend to bring it to your kind notice that besides being a sincere student I am also a health enthusiast. I strongly believe that a good life is about securing a balance in varied aspects of life. This balance needs to be achieved as much in the sphere of health and nutrition, as in one’s academic, career and domestic pursuits. In that context there definitely exists something common but my personal philosophy and the philosophy of Jamba Juice. I always wanted to pursue a career where I could channelize my skills and knowledge and my passion for health and fitness to excel professionally. Therefore, to speak truly, I have already been looking for the companies and businesses, which I could join while I am still graduating. After an extensive research and analysis, my search zeroed down on Jamba Juice. If I manage to secure a job with your company, I am confident that it will prove to be a mutually beneficial and promising relationship. Money certainly matters, but as I am yet to graduate, so my primary priority is to work in a company which is in consonance with my career aspirations and which would give me a chance to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. In that context, Jamba Juice is one of the top names in the contemporary health, fitness and nutrition industry. It will be really propitious for me if I join Jamba Juice while I am still graduating. An early start will certainly help me to aspire for higher level jobs with your company at a later stage. So I will be really obliged if you could kindly mail to me the information about the existing job opportunities at Jamba Juice. Besides, it will be really kind on your part if you could also send any additional information I need to know so as to apply for a job with your company. Positively looking forward to hearing from you. Sincere regards, Name of the Student.