A Journal Review of the American Historical Review

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Since the mid 1995, the journal has had many publications handling issues of global concern. The issues handled depict many developments in different fields. The journals explore the fields of commerce, science, numbers, history and even religion. The journal has had many developments, issues and diversities concerning the occurrences in the world. In February1995, the American review journal handled issues on race, discrimination and racism in the US. Race is an exceedingly sensitive issue that affects many people around the globe. In the US, racism was one of the issues affecting the US. Racism is inequitable treatment directed to people with prejudice on the coloration of their skin. The journal was trying to sensitize the US about the need for treating all people equally. Therefore, the journal served as a revelation to the citizens of the US. In April the 1995, the journal further explored on the issues of gender in Gilberto. It explained that gender did not have to be a basis for people to treat people with favor. This is because no person chose his gender. During the month of August the 1995, the journal publicized issues on democracy. It explained that all persons and states had the right to democracy .This meant that they could act without fear of intimidation by any person. During the same month, the publication handled the issue of Equality. It insisted that all persons ought to endure fair treatment regardless of their color and origin. As time went by, more publications talking about diverse topics hit the headlines. The publication of February the 1996, spoke about the topic of literature. The publication gave a detailed analysis of literature by explaining about the origin of literature. The origin explained about the history facing the world of literature. The fact that the journal could handle different topics revealed the developments evident in the journal. The journal has developments in handling different matters apart from the ones in its first years of publication. These developments show that the journal keeps abreast with emerging issues in the world. This is meant to show that the world is dynamic and that the issues posted in the American Journal keep changing. Still on the year 1996, the American journal review talked about the reason as to why the Indians were red. This topic touched on the topic of mythology and delusions. The journal criticized the idea that the world was full of misconceptions and that many people were living on a lie. The journal insisted that the Americans were in another century where myths and misconceptions were unheard of. Other topics discussed there after included such things as the issue of missionaries. This was during the 1997 when many missionaries spread across the globe in order to spread the gospel. The missionaries were said to be people who had different objectives. One of the objectives was that they wanted to instill western culture to the people living in the regions that they visited. The American review journal discussed the topic of missionary activities with a lot of intensity. The journal also explained that missionaries explored different countries with the aim of paving way for the colonizers. This is because the missionaries brought many developments in the areas that they went to carry out their work. The American review journal of the August 1997 dealt with the issue of imperialism. Imperialism referred to the activities of acquiring territories around the globe.