A Hero Journey

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The underlying cause for rebellion and attempts to overthrow King Aegeus was prompted by the fact that the King was childless. After engaging in sexual relationship with Aethra, the daughter of Pittheus, and having convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that Aethra was expecting a child, Aegeus left for Athens but without giving instructions to Aethra. Aegeus instructed Aethra that if she a bore a boy child, she should sent the child to Athens. Aegeus left behind a pair of sandals and sword, which he hid under a huge rock (Bertram and Webster,21).
After attaining a mature age, Aethra sent Theseus to Athens as directed by Aegeus so as to claim his birthright. Before this ordeal, Aethra disclosed to Theseus the identity of his real father and thereafter directed him to the rock where Aegeus had hidden the sword and pair of sandals. Since Theseus had developed a well built body and had marshaled great bravery, he lifted the rock with ease and took possession of the tokens (Dryden.8). It is clear that Theseus was being prepared for the adventure ahead. Although he grew under the tutelage of his grandfather (Pittheus) during his formative years, Theseus received the necessary training. Theseus had a personal tutor named Connidas. The journey to Athens proved to be dangerous and risky for Theseus but he overcame the challenges.
Initially according to plan, Theseus was supposed to travel to Athens via sea since this was the safer route. It was extremely dangerous by that time for any person to travel by land. Pittheus (Theseus grandfather) and Aethra (Theseus mother) implored him to travel via sea but he refused (Bertram and Webster,pg.12). Theseus instead opted to travel to Athens by land to the astonishment of Pittheus and Aethra. Theseus was much aware of the consequences associated with land travel but he defied the instructions from the seniors.
Choosing to travel to Athens by road, Theseus was prepared for any eventuality. This is the stage where