A French Chef and a Culinary Writer Georges Auguste Escoffier

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1250 Georges Auguste Escoffier moved to Carlton Hotel in 1899 to make his haunted cuisine familiar to the people. Emperor William II is reported to have said to Escoffier, "I am the emperor of Germany but you are the emperor of chefs"(Aakanksh, 13). He received an award of Legion of Honor in 1920 and was made an officer of the order in 1928 (Aakanksh, 13). The beginning of the 20th century made Escoffier France’s most skilful and popular chef. (Les, n.d) One of the most remarkable contributions made by Escoffier was to organize discipline in his kitchen by introducing a systematic method to eliminate chaos. This method was known as the brigade de cuisine system in which each section of the kitchen was to be handled by a different chef. Escoffier is popular all over the world. Even today his techniques, recipes, traditions and approaches to kitchen management remain highly influential today. (Les, n.d) Besides being a well-known chef, Escoffier was a great writer as well. Le Guide Culinaire (1903), Le Livre des menus (1912) and Ma cuisine (1934) is his books that have contributed to his writings. From 1911 to 1914, the monthly magazine Le Carnet epicure was published by Escoffier which became reputed in its time. Escoffier died on February 12, 1935, in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.