A Footwear Manufacturing Company

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Today, the company is tasked with shifting line of corporate social responsibility from just doing what is right into an integrated business strategy and this is what the present case seeks to find means of getting done in a very resounding manner.Over the years, the history, values, and integrity of New Balance have been the company’s major governance strength. This is because, with an early mission to holding on to responsible management practices, the company has not turned its back on such practices to date (Tyssen, 2001). In the midst of this major strength of unshaken organizational culture for integrity and values, the company has failed to pay particular attention to issues of transparency and accountability and this poses a major weakness to the company’ overall governance. This missing link of transparency and accountability has resulted in a situation whereby the company has not been able to identify its business risk and opportunities (Mustapha, 2008). Invariably, the company has not taken advantages of opportunities that could make it larger and more popular than it is today.Consistency is always a term that customers cherish because it keeps them in line with what is happening within the company and avoids the need to change their ways of dealing with the company (Mustapha, 2008). As far as products and services are concerned, this has thus been a major strength of the company, where it has been able to be consistent with its line of sports brand of production.