A Disaster Plan for Records and Archives

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It is appreciated that there is no organization that can hypothesize, plan, and mitigate the occurrence of a disaster successfully. It is barely impossible to provide or cushion an organization from disaster. this is a fact at least in the face of the very many disasters that can be experienced. Disaster can also be classified into two. the naturally occurring and the human instigated one, the classification notwithstanding, disasters do cause a serious setback in the organization by disorienting major operation of an organization.
Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fire, and earthquakes to take place in many parts of the world probably every day. Wars and civil unrest are also experienced in most parts of the world. The electrical mishap, power blackouts, drainage error, and leakages are some of the disasters that have chances of occurring anytime (Penn, Pennix, amp. Coulson, 2011). In the cases of these emergencies, two categories do sustain severe consequences, the human being, and the records as well as the entire work environment. The disaster happenings are part of the precautionary measure that is taken by the most organization. This measure can only be effective is a plan is put into place such that reference and precaution are taken as per the plan. A disaster plan is, therefore, a vital organization’s arrangement not only to protect lives but also to protect records and documents (McColgin, amp. et al, 2000).
The development of the disaster plan is based on several issues. the organization’s asserts, the assets, in this case, would entail the workers, the supplies, the equipment, and the source of the organization’s critical information.