A criticue of LIBERTY and TYRANNY by Mark Levin

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The recording of the recent political concerns and events are so much coherent and intact in this book that the book shall continue to be a very valuable document in understanding myriad of political agendas and incorporation of constitutional law during the transitory time witnessed in the modern era of US history.
The book “Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin encapsulates and presents a polemical manifesto pertaining to a movement in US political and social history which is quite conservative in nature. The book addresses myriad facets of conservative ideology. In presenting the multiple facet of the conservative ideology, Levin presents a brilliant outline concerned with the relationship between conservatism and liberty. In his next level of presentation in the book, Levin perfectly enables his readers to comprehend a very critical phenomena equating non-conservatism with tyranny. Revisiting the yesteryears and travelling down the history, Levin recognised the political perception of the founding fathers and derived a kind of polemic political thoughts, very conservative in nature. Not only Levin derives this polemic but also logically culminates it to establish a challenge and calls it “statist agenda”. This balance between history and modernism facilitates the book to a unique and innovative paradigm altogether making it one of the important social documents of the age.
A great author and a popular conservative talk radio host that Levin is. helped him to bring down a wide range of issues like “economic and social justice” and problems related with “strict constructionist” to his fight back against immigrants. The issues addressed and dealt within the compass of this enriching document “Liberty and Tyranny” are actually a very neat and sumptuous presentation of all the burning issues that Levin has addressed and discussed in his talk show over the years.