A Critical Analysis of Wuthering Heights and Romanticism

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61500 Romanticism is a much-discussed literary conception in the arena of world literature. This term, which gradually developed to conception and further elevated to a philosophic level, has been interpreted in different ways by different literary figures at different times. However, there are three basic elements, which are integrally related to the term romanticism, namely, humanitarianism, love for nature and enlightenment through sensibility. Whenever the term romanticism is pronounced, automatically we start thinking about the romantic verses and the great romantic poets. At the same time, it needs to be remembered that apart from elements of romanticism can be cited in the writings of several novelists. Such was the effect of romanticism that it transcended its specific time period and made its access in the writings of several other authors of the future. However, in the writings of those authors, the elements of love for nature were not so conspicuous but the presence of two other elements prevailed to a great extent in a way that they were aimed at complementing and supplementing each other. Humanitarianism is essentially considered as such a virtue, which is aimed at the welfare of the total mankind and fellow feeling for each other. At the same time, it is believed traditionally that human beings are required to forget their personal wishes, requirements, and desires to elevate themselves at the level in order to be recognized as humanitarians. Thus, according to this conception, a person has to forget about his individual humane entity, which is in other ways denial of humanitarianism itself. In order to respect the human entity of fellow human beings, it is required for an individual to respect his fellow feelings in the first place. Attainment of such feeling can only be possible if he/she feels that he possesses a separate identity, which is very much integrally related to the macrocosmic human existence. In a more precise way, it can be said that to realize the humanitarian feeling, a person needs to realize the connection between both macrocosmic and microcosmic existence.&nbsp. &nbsp.