A Cover Letter and a Professional Letter

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Your address Today’s Mr./Ms. Employer’s Company’s Address Dear Mr./Ms. Employer, I would like to apply for the position of __________________. My goal is to contribute my knowledge of architecture in a progressive and dynamic organization related to Architectural servicing in order to add to my own knowledge of the field as well as add value to the business of the company that I work for.
I am currently studying as a senior at the New York Institute of technology (Architecture department), and will graduate by spring 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. I am interning with the Rosenbaum design group, which is involved in designing shopping centers, supermarkets and retail projects. As an intern, I am involved in conceptual designing, site evaluation and drafting. I have successfully designed __________________ and supervised the drafting of _____________________________. I have also been involved with the US military and have training and experience in masonry, wood framing and model making. To this end, I have assisted in the completion of ________________________________.
I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you, and discuss the position available. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I may provide any additional information that you require. I am enclosing my resume along with this letter. You can reach me by phone at (123) 123-1212 or email me at
Thank you for your consideration.
Collin Mack
Dear ____________,
I write to request a recommendation letter from you on my behalf.
I am deeply committed to gaining more experience with regard to architecture and my work with the Rosenbaum design group demonstrates this amply. I have been working there in the capacity of an intern, with direct involvement in drafting, conceptual designing and site evaluation. I have also successfully designed _______________ and supervised the drafting of _____________________. My involvement with the US military and the extensive training I’ve received in masonry and wood framing are other factors reflecting my commitment to every aspect of architecture. I have had a lot of experience with practical projects, and in this regard I will be able to contribute the knowledge I have gained to any company that I work for.
As a senior at the New York Institute of technology, and your student, you have seen me completing classes in drafting, designing, visualizing and building technology. I have also served keenly as a volunteer for the _________________________ drafting society. I’m confident that you have also observed my special interest in computer aided design programs. My degree with the New York City Technical College has also taught me about the basics of architecture, and my community activities related to architecture have added to my architectural knowledge and experience.
In addition, I am very proficient in the use of CAD software, especially with AutoCAD. I also have a lot of experience with Microsoft Word, Windows, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Publisher, Excel, and Access. I also make it a point to be constantly up to date with the latest architecture related software.
In the light of all these qualifications and achievements, I would be very grateful for a recommendation from you on my behalf to prospective employers, as it would help my chances a lot and give me a boost.
Thanks for your consideration.
Collin Mack.