A Compulsory Training Program

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They then took this same plastic bag out of the restroom and took an elevator to go to another floor. One student was eating a muffin in the elevator, and he then pushed a button that a janitor had touched with dirty gloves. Also, janitors went from one classroom to another to empty the trashcans in each room. They touched all of the classroom doorknobs with dirty gloves. In the hospital, they did the same thing. They went from the patient’s room to another to empty trash cans and hampers. If there was only a small quantity of trash or dirty linen, they transferred this into one bag to save trash bags. Janitors never changed their gloves both in school and in the hospital, and also they touched the dirty area first and then the clean area with the same gloves.
Janitors usually have a low educational background. They need to be educated in the concept of germs and how germs are spread. They need to know what the clean areas and the dirty areas are so that they can start working in the clean area first before touching the dirty ones. The best way to solve this problem is to provide a compulsory training program for all janitors which deals with issues like the way germs are passed on, and the dangerous implications of using the same gloves over and over again. I recommend that you consider implementing this suggestion immediately, for the sake of all our patients, visitors and students.
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.