A Comprehensive Network Infrastructure

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All users suffer from having numerous usernames and passwords to access various IT systems/applications they have in use. There is no remote access to the company’s data. Both headquarters have an urge in establishing reliable and cost-effective printing solutions.The purpose of the needs analysis is to analyze the business objectives and produce requirements for a network infrastructure to be used in the proposed network infrastructure solution. The proposed network infrastructure solution follows in Section 3.The best type of connection between offices and points of sales for a geographically spread retail company is by using a broadband internet connection technology and implementing an outsourced virtual private network (VPN) solution hosted in an outsourced dedicated host server located in the host company premises.According to Wikipedia contributors (2007), wireless broadband internet access, often shortened to broadband internet or just broadband, is a high data-transmission rate Internet connection. Wireless broadband internet access became a rapidly developing market in many areas in the early 2000s. one study found that broadband internet usage in the United States grew from 6% in June 2000 to over 30% in 2003.Modern consumer broadband implementations, up to 30 Mbit/s, are several hundred times faster than those available at the time the internet first became popular (such as ISDN and 56 kbit/s) while costing less than ISDN and sometimes no more than 56 kbit/s, though performance and costs vary widely between countries.Broadband in this context refers to the relatively high available bitrate when compared to systems such as dial-up with lower bitrates (which could be referred to as narrowband).