A comparison argument (or contrast but not both) between a limited aspect of the Viet Nam Conflict and our Conflict in Afghanistan(you need to chose a limited aspect that you are intrested in)

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Although the Afghan war is still going on and for that reason, the consequences of the war cannot be completely compared. but since the end is predicted to come about in the near future, a comparison can be drawn with respect to the destruction and losses militarily and politically. This paper, while reflecting upon the background of the Vietnamese and Afghan wars, will draw comparisons between them and cover the causes and consequences that a gory war brings about with it.
Initially, the United States had little interest in Vietnam. However, as it became clear that the post-World War II world would be dominated by the US and its allies as well as the Soviet Union and its fighting partners, isolating communist movements took an increased importance in America’s eyes. These concerns were ultimately shaped into the doctrine of containment and domino theory. The move towards containment identified that the goal of communism was to spread to capitalist states and according to America, the only way to stop it was to “contain” it within its present borders. Moreover, arising from containment was the concept of domino theory, which stated that if one state in a region were to fall to communism, then the surrounding states would inevitably fall as well. These concepts forced US to get involved in the Vietnam conflict. In 1950, to combat the spread of communism, the United States began supplying the French military in Vietnam with advisors and funding its efforts against the “red” Viet Minh (Hickman).
According to an American senior journalist, with the initial objective of vanquishing al- Qaeda largely achieved, and the latest goal of luring the Taliban into a power-sharing deal out of reach, the main reason the U.S. is still at war in Afghanistan is inertia, and not for logical reasons. This is because the American military brass wants to show that its counter-insurgency theories work and “they are impressive theories developed by impressive