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In other words this type of structure facilitates decentralization. The corporate staffs at GE are divided into 5 sub divisions. The key subdivision of the corporate staff at GE are Commercial public relations, Legal, Global research, Human resource and Finance. The organization structure of GE shows that it is headed by the corporate executive office. They are in turn supported by shareowners and board of directors. The corporate executive office in turn elects a chairman and CEO. In 2014 the total no. of employees who worked in GE are 307,000. In 2014 the chairman and CEO of the company was Jeffrey R. Immelt. In 2014 GE had 2 vice presidents namely Keith S. Sherin and John G. Rice. They were additionally holding the post of president and CEO of GE capital and Global growth and operations respectively. The president and CEO of other divisions was namely Charles Bankenship for appliances and lighting division, John L Flannery of healthcare division, David L. Joyce of GE Aviation, Russell Stokes of GE transportation, Stephen R. Bolze for GE power and water, Lorenzo Simonelli for Oil and Gas division and Mark W. Begor for GE energy management.
GE has many divisions and manufactures several things. In fact GE is a conglomerate of several divisions. The various subdivisions of GE are capital, appliances and lightning, healthcare, aviation, transportation, power and water, oil and gas, energy management and Global growth and operations. The main products that GE thus manufactures are lighting appliances. In the power, water, oil and gas sectors too GE is the leader as GE provides power, water, oil and gas. GE aviation is a subsidiary of the general electric and is one of the major suppliers of aircraft engines for the commercial aircrafts that operate. The major competitors of GE aviation are Rolls-Royce and Pratt and Whitney. GE aviation is amongst the top aircraft engine suppliers.