A Child of Two Worlds

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A Child of Two WorldsAs a student from a mixed race background, have had to make a choice relating to my identity as well as how I would prefer those around me to perceive me. I call myself a child of two worlds owing to the fact that am born by an Asian mother and a White father and so I have had to create a balance between the two races from which I trace my origin. My main struggle in life has been responding to the question Who am I? This arises whenever I am in a new environment and people around behave in a way that seem strange to me or they seem to be wondering what my identity in terms of race could be. Three key things that I have considered within me whenever am faced with this challenge and these are my physical appearance, family as well as personal values and the place where I am situated at that moment. I must admit that in the past I used to irritated, distressed, anxious and confused whenever such question was about to emerge either from me or from those I was interacting with. My high school life has had a number of challenges especially emerging from my fellow classmates who have formed a negative opinion of me due to my mixed race status. Some are due to their envy as well as their inability to appreciate themselves. They have less information on what it means to belong to mixed race. This has made me to particularly hate my high school and in many occasions, I have had to come up with a number of excuses so as not to go to school. I remember one day when I had to fake sickness for a whole week so as to avoid going to that school. I must admit that the journey towards acceptance and self-realisation has not been easy and a number of factors have served to make it less easy. However, my family has been of great assistance in this journey as they have helped me to accept myself through several initiatives. My parents have treated me with equality from both sides and I have never been under pressure to conform to one side of the race I really appreciate my parents as they have never dictated to use the people we need to associate with or keep away from. When I tend to identify with Whites, my mother seem less concerned neither is my dad when I associate closely with those of the Asian descent. One cannot change those around them but can change the perception that they have of themselves. I have therefore come to the point of personal acceptance irrespective of the views of those around me. I firmly believe that achieving my personal goals and visions in life is not based on my race but is on the perception that I form of myself. I will therefore continue playing violin and be perfect in it as I strive to achieve the best in m academics. No hindrance will ever emerge I my life due to my mixed race status and I am well ready to defend my course at any level without allowing anyone to stop me from any form of success.