A Case Study on Ethics

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51250 The case started off with Archie being injured because he was accused of killing a white police officer during downtown shootout. This case study is totally based on secondary research and some information, which was contributed, by Human Rights personnel and journalists. It was the moral duty of the officers to take Archie to the nearest hospital but they failed to fulfill their duties. Instead, the officers dragged Archie to the police station where he was brutally beaten up the officers for shooting their fellow officer. However, after that, he was admitted to hospital but in few seconds, he breathed out his last. In order to be on a safer side, officers were actively involved in destroying the X-Ray reports of Archie from hospital and even forced hospital in-charge to eradicate Archie’s name from the registration list. There were bloodstains observed in the police station but officers present there said that there was a scuffle due to which Archie feel down. Those individuals who are considered pillars of criminal justice had hid the truth behind this form of brutality. Death of Archie was reported as a homicide, which was caused due to police intervention. Police code of silence was greatly maintained within the police department by highest authorities. However, ethics was ignored in the entire case scenario even though the police officers punished that individual who had killed their fellow officer. Advisory committee of Human Rights after 3 years of thorough investigation arrived at a conclusion that Archie was murdered by police officers and respecting police code of silence a case was filed against those officers and they were suspended from their job and an out of court settlement was done for Archie’s family (Crank &amp. Caldero, 2010). The results of this case study indicate that ethics is highly ignored even today in field of criminal