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(b) An abstract of length approximately 100 words, and up to 5 keywords.(c) A structured body of content that includes the following:Introduction that can include background/context, motivation , research problem, research questions/objectives of the research, contributions and significance of the research.Literature reviewResearch method which may include**o Data : Description of the data and sourceso Empirical ModelTheoretical/Empirical results.Discussion of findings/results.Conclusion & Policy Implication (also stating limitations and directions for future research).(d) Bibliography: A list of references (Following Harvard Style.Check to an external site.).Appendix(additional materials which support the analysis but which need not be included in the main body of the report: such as details of survey design, variable construction, additional results etc.) isoptional (not included in word counts).**Forreview-based research, methodology will be analogous to an accurate description of how the relevant literature was selected (which database, which search terms, which inclusion/exclusion criteria) and the structure of the review –how the review was analyzed and summarized, what are the different sections in the review?). Data will be analogous to the readings that you have identified for your review.Please find here additional notes on review-based research, along with someexamples of review papers -paper 1,paper 2,paper 3.*Note: