7010 Week2 Assignment 2

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Assignment 2 InstructionsFor this assignment review the problem identified in Week 1 and the project scope. Discuss the project management approach (i.e., Agile, Waterfall, or Six Sigma) you will use to address the problem. Discuss how you will develop a plan for each of the following knowledge areas: cost, scope, time, quality, communication, procurement documentation, risk, and resources. Your WBS should be in a Gantt chart. If you do a search online on how to create a Gantt chart, you will find many resources available to you, including the website teamgantt. Each scheduled milestone should be achievable within the stated deadline. Submit the Gantt chart along with your write-up.Length: 3 pages, not including title page, reference pageReferences: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly articles.Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.Week1AssignmentDHA7010-MariaDuplantier.docProject-Management-PlanTemplate.docxPosted: 3 hours agoDue: 21/03/2020Budget: $25Tags: hrAnswers 0Bids 99Miss DeannaGuru OliviaAleena SheikhQuality AssignmentsNora WilliamLouisa95Dr. RocalPapersGuruDr.Qura-tul-ainTeacher TrumahnAmerican TutorDr Ava_MiaThe grAdeDr_inaayaWIZARD_KIMProf. KaylinlopezPaula HogResearchProEmily ClareMiss LynnAmanda Smithabdul_rehman_Elprofessorijuliusmu33Lisa-Randallprofessor mitchAsad Ullahbrilliant answersProf.MacQueenDr. ElahiDrNicNgaomichael smithperfectoCatherine Owenshassan0906RESPECT WRITERTopanswersProf Double RANN HARRISPROF. ANNEssay-tutorTiny ChrisProf. MassarraMathStat GeniusGreat-Writersnyamaimulekim woodsStano 001PROF_TOMMYTerry RobertsansRohanCasey CeliaWendy LewiskatetutorEmily Michaelsarapaul2013Homework ProJenny BoomNursing_MissDr. Smith HarveyProf AllanMichelle OwensQuickly answer Miss ProfessorChrisProfRey writerMalik TutorBrainy BrianJessica LuisAngelina MaySaburBDr R Judy MarkProf James KelvinBrilliant GeekRihAN_MendozaTutor Cyrus Kenmadam-professorsmart-tutorprof avrilseniorwriterJudithTutorPROFJUMAAAfirstclass tutorquality work for allEva GreenHarris KhanTopAcademicTutorProfGladdy01A-Grade WriterMiss Emily BluntCotton CandyTutor-paulaMiss Lily J.TopGradeEssays Expert_Christinegeraldwaitaallenwest038SolutionsHutTop Notch AnswerOther questions 10Can someone answer 4 questions and a short research proposal?finance Eng 221 wk 8 assSLO .) Why not you? Why not now?Equal Protection and Public Education Reflect on three different videos around genderProject ManagementhomeworkCompare and Contrast6 pages due in 48 hours Not rated7010 week1InstructionsThis week, you focused on scope, stakeholders, and project management knowledge areas. Your assignments concentrated on activities required to initiate and plan a …21/03/202025businessfinance