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1. What did you learn about this structure that was a surprise to you or resonated with you about building relationships in the workplace?Did the people who built this wall have to work together?Are there any lessons to be learned aboutbuilding relationships across philosophical divides (differing world views) in the workplace? 1 paragraph supporting these questions Note:Please avoid comments or references tothe southern border between Mexico and the USA. This is a highly controversial subject and your comments may be taken out of context and appear asharassment. Any comments about the southern border or Mexicowill beimmediately removed and points deducted from your score.2. Describe the purpose of the Hajj and share two interesting aspects of this event. Explain the relationship between Mohammad and the Dome of the Rock. What happened at the Dome of the Rock? 1 paragraph supporting this 3. Consider the following products:Coca-Cola Classic,Apple Iphone,Nike basketball shoes, andLoreal Shampoo. Products offered by a business can be actual goods, services, and ideas. Pick one of the products above, identify two competitors, and what they offer that competes with your product. For your product, describe the unique selling proposition. How is this product superior to the competitors you identified above. Requirements: Makesure you Respond to both bullets, in atleast 4 Good Sentences per bullet, making sure you address allpoints of each bullet. 4. Consider the following brands:McDonalds,Cadillac, andWalMart. When you think of a brand, it makes you think and feel a certain way. Those images are carefully crafted by Brand Managers. So for this discussion, choose one of the brands listed here and discuss what words, feelings and images immediately come to mind when you hear the brand name or see the brand logo. Then discuss how the marketers have created these ‘feelings’ and thoughts for consumers and why you think they created them. Requirements-: Makesure you Respond to both bullets, in atleast 4 Good Sentences per bullet, making sure you address allpoints of each bullet. 5. It is very important to make sure that you align your pricing strategy with your target market and branding strategy. Below are various different businesses and pricing strategies. Match each business with the pricing strategy that you believe the business is using. Discuss why you think the business is using the pricing strategy that you did. Pricing Strategy Penetration Pricing Pricing Skimming Premium Pricing Competitive Pricing EconomyPricing PromotionalPricing Business Bentley Motors Motorola Kohl’s Dish Network Requirements:You need at least2full originalsentences per business,telling what pricing strategy you selected and why you selected the pricing strategy youdid for the business.A total of at least8full sentences will be needed.