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According to a report, Philip H. Knight, the CEO of Nike Inc. had felt that the University of Oregon (UO) had “broken chain of trust” by deciding to join the Workers Right Consortium which opposed the Fair Labor Association (FLA) as supported by Knight.
The UO raised a dispute with the support of the student activists and the faculty that the Nike’s products which were sold in the stores of university campus, bearing the university logo apparel were manufactured by not abiding the sweatshop terms and conditions.
In this connection it is worthy to mention that ‘Workers Right Consortium’ or WRC is identified as an independent labor rights organization which keeps an eye on and focuses on protecting the rights of the workers those who generally sews apparel and manufactures other products especially those which bears university and college logos being sold in the markets of United States.
The FLA is a joint effort of socially responsible companies, colleges, civil society organizations and universities intended to recover the working conditions of the factories operating worldwide. It is a brand accountability system providing the responsibility towards companies for accomplishing the FLA’s labor standards as maintained in the factories which is involved with manufacture of their products. Their mission is to protect the workers and improve the working conditions of the workers globally. Their objective is to end up the sweatshop standards being followed worldwide. FLA’s code of conduct includes. abolition of child labor, discrimination, intimidation of those workers who seeks to organize unions, improving hazardous work conditions, settling payments for over time (Fair Labor Association, 2008).
Whereas, WRC being a non-profit organization supervises the manufacturing of university apparel in order to make sure that