5 Steps To meeting Someone New

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We all have the butterflies the first time we go on a with someone new, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right kind of planning, first dates can be a piece of cake! Here are the five steps that can make your first date a piece of butter.
The first step to make a perfect first date is – Be Creative. When planning your first date with someone new, choose something that will leave a lasting impression. If your date enjoys music, perhaps the obvious choice would be attending a music concert. Instead, however, consider going on step further and take a portable CD player, a picnic basket and your date out for a quiet lunch under the sun. If your date is a film fanatic, avoid a crowded theater and opt for a projector and find the perfect place to host your own private showing of a comedy movie that’s sure to bring a smile to your date’s face. By being creative, you will show that you have put thought into the evening.
The second step is making your First Impression. First impression plays an important role when you’re meeting up with a woman, because your first impression can either make it or break it. A lot of guys don’t take this seriously, but it’s a fact that if you’re able to make a GOOD first impression, then chances of you getting with that girl will be around 90%. But if you fail to do so, then your chances are reduced dramatically to 20%. Just think about this, you just went on a blind date and it turns out to be that the girl doesn’t smell nice, her hair looks awful and she didn’t put too much effort dressing up. Would you want to meet up with her again I don’t think so!! So here are some simple things you need to remember, in order to make a good first impression. Always look your best and smell good. Don’t spray too much cologne. Always stick to a stylish hairdo. You never know when you might come across your dream girl. Dress up and wear nice shoes, or at least make sure that your shoes are clean. Girls like men, who know how to dress up and knows how to take care of themselves. Now let’s talk about your hair. Your hair plays an important role. If you’re going on a first date I would recommend you not to try something different. Always try to go with the simple and clean look or at least stick to something that your ex liked. Always be on time and don’t forget to shave.
The third step in making a perfect first date is-Introduction. A proper introduction can make the day. The way of introduction makes it or breaks it. It also narrates a lot about your personality. Like the age goes, You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, which includes making a proper introduction. When you lose your self-confidence, it’s conveyed in your posture, facial expressions, intonation, attitude, and demeanor, so even if people never tell you, which they won’t, they recognize your mistakes and lack of confidence.
The fourth step in making a perfect first date is-Talk and have fun. Talking is an effective way to know about your date. Talking tells a lot of thing about your date and it also narrates a lot of things about you. A first date should be a time that you spend getting to know the person that you are with. Will there be a second date Are there any sparks to make another date worthwhile The only way to know for sure is to learn about the person and whether he/she is someone that you would enjoy spending time with again. Ask questions and find out what your date is all about. Having fun is a rule not only applies for a first date, but is also ideal for all that follow and will certainly help to make your time spent together more memorable. Don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor or take in a movie that is sure to keep the two of you laughing. A couple who laughs together stays together, which means a second date may be in your future.
The fifth step is – Go casual. Most people aren’t comfortable at a black tie event, so avoid making it your first date with someone new. Instead, remain casual and keep the atmosphere relaxed so that you can enjoy getting to know one another. Do not ever wear cargos and t-shirts or black shirt because black shows ego. A comfortable environment will always reveal more about the person you are with than one that’s stuffy and formal.
First meeting plays an important role in setting up with women. It can make it or break it. You should not take it lightly. If you are able to make a good impression then chances of you getting with that girl will be around 90%. But if you fail to do so, then your chances are reduced dramatically to 20%.

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