5 Discussions due in 48 hours

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Workshop Flyer<Prior to participating in this discussion, explore the Real-Life Challenges in Education(Links to an external site.)interactive.Your supervisor would like you to create a flyer to begin generating interest for your upcoming workshop. However, since this is a document that will be displayed throughout the center, your supervisor has requested you create this and share it with your peers at the center for feedback, before public display. The one-page flyer can be completed in Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, or an option of your choice. This assignment will be submitted both in this discussion forum and in your Summative Template; it is a part of the complete package. You will save the file as a PDF and submit to the discussion forum for peer feedback. Here is the Canines with Manners summative flyer example.In your initial post, You will upload a PDF file of your Workshop Flyer which will include The title of the workshopthat will be presented at the Ashford Multigenerational Center. The objective/purpose of the workshop. The target audience (who should attend). Your name (as the presenter). Time, date, and place. An image to represent the content. Your flyer will Be colorful and engaging. Be organized in a clear layout, and easy for the reader to navigate. You will state the following in the Discussion Forum in addition to the flyer: State your degree program. The position you interviewed for at the Ashford Multigenerational Center. Your clients. Title of your workshop. Topic of your workshop. Why you chose this topic for your workshop. Your biggest concern about hosting this workshop. Ethical ScenariosRegardless of your field of study, you will encounter ethical issues along the way that will require difficult choices. The best way to problem solve is to use your Professional Standards by Program table as a guide. In this discussion forum, each program has a scenario to read, reflect on, and problem-solve using the knowledge you have gained from your degree program in conjunction with your professional standards.To prepare for this Discussion, Choose the attached ethical scenario that corresponds with your program. BACD BACS BAECDDI BAECE BAECEA BAES BAELLS BAID BALS In theProfessional Standards by Program table, follow the link corresponding to your program’s professional standards.In your initial post, List the title of your scenario. Copy and paste the specific professional standard that will help you solve this ethical dilemma. Respond to the following question: Why did you choose the standard you did? Describe the steps you would take to solve this problem. Create an ethical scenario of your own that pertains to your field of study for your peers to solve. Be sure that your scenario is detailed enough so that your peers from a different field of study can understand the situation and problem solve.Climate and Learning Environment<Each of the positions or jobs listed in Week 1 take place in a specific location within the Multigenerational Center. As a future employee of one of these spaces, you will be designing the environment in which you will work. Depending on your field of study and/or your job role, the questions you might ask yourself and the environmental factors you may consider could vary. For example: As a librarian what are the things that will be important to consider? Integration of technology, lighting, available resources, and so forth will all be important to the design of each environment. Learning environment design for both children and adults has been shown to have tremendous impact on learning. As an instructional designer, consider the different elements that should be considered when presenting material digitally or when creating an online classroom. How will your clients interact? What will their environment need to be like? Sometimes the environment in which instruction will take place will influence the design of the learning materials or activities. If you have selected to work with the senior center, there are even more considerations for an environment that is suitable for seniors. Young children also have unique needs. And so on for each program…To prepare for this post: Think about the ideal environment that you will create for your role (that you applied for and were hired for) in the learning center. Check out these resources for ideas and suggestions. Renovated Learning: Building a Culture of Creativity Discovery in Education(Links to an external site.) The Art of Innovation: Designing Learning Spaces for a Creative, Collaborative Future(Links to an external site.) Consider thinking of outside-the-box opportunities for creativity and innovation in the space that you are designing such as collaborative learning space, interactive social environments, noise, and supervision of clients.In your initial post, Include the position and environment in which you will be working in the learning center. Describe the ideal environment that includes The physical setup Any special considerations as well as an explanation of why you have selected to set things up the way that you are. At least one out-of-the box opportunity for creativity and innovation and an explanation to why you have included this Professional StandardsProfessional development is an important component to staying marketable and current in your field of study. Generally, it is up to you to create and execute a plan for yourself. So, how does one go about deciding on the best possible professional development choices?Your Field of Study, Professional Standards and professional associations of course! You will plan on meeting your professional development goals by completing three of the four different opportunities. Have fun with your choices! This is the time you get to choose what you want to study and how you want to learn!To prepare for this discussion: Choose a standard (or more than one) within your own field of study that is of interest to you.In your initial post: Identify your chosen standard(s) Explain why this Professional Standard is interesting to you Research and find a conference in your field of study that you would want to attend. Research and share one continuing education opportunity. (Masters, edX, 2nd language, certification). Research and include one publication (journal, book, etc.) that supports your learning and growth is this area. Could you start a book club with this title? Research a choice of your own.Program and Course ReflectionTo prepare for this discussion: Access the Program Learning Outcomes chart to review the Program Learning Outcomes (What you’ll learn) for your program. BA Early Childhood Education (BAECE) Review the Course Learning Outcomes (CLO’s) for our course, EDU 499: Synthesize theories, knowledge and professional standards related to the field of study. Assess multiple influences such as social and cultural factors, contemporary issues, and trends on practice. Apply evidence-based strategies, approaches, and technologies related to the field of study. Explain environments that support optimal outcomes to the field of study. Propose professional and ethical based practices that emphasize access, participation, and partnerships. In your initial post:Reflect on the program learning outcomes and the course learning outcomes by including the following: Program Learning Outcomes Explain how achieving each of the Program Learning Outcome has supported your professional goals. Provide at least one specific example of how for EACH Program Learning Outcomes.. Explain whether you feel you are competent in EACH Program Learning Outcome and why. Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for our course, EDU499: Explain how achieving EACH of the CLOs has supported your professional goals. Provide at least one specific example of how for EACH Course Learning Outcome. Explain whether you feel you are competent in EACH CLO and why. 14/05/202018education