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Shi Lyu[1][2]Tiffany WongWriting 25/6/2020[3]Finding a job is a problem for most people these days,[4] even if you have a college degree. Too many college students[5] are out looking for jobs these days. So [6]finding a job has become a [7]challenge. As a person whose college life is already halfway through, that’s why I wrote this topic.O[8]nly after I started looking[9] for some information about job hunting did I realize how difficult it is to find a job. Today’s society is not just about diplomas. Just as Catherine Rampell mentioned in the article Many With New College Degrees Find the Job Market Humbling, that “[e]mployment rates for new college graduates have fallen sharply in the last two years, as have starting salaries for those who can find work” (1).  College students are now outpacing the demand for jobs.Now looking for a job is no longer all to see a degree, now some companies are hiring not only to see a degree but also to see your skin color[10]. From the article “In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap”[11] by Michael Luo: There is ample evidence that racial inequities remain when it comes to employment. Black joblessness has long far outstripped that of white[12]s(1). Although the unemployment rate is higher among blacks, it is similar[13] among a[14]sians.[15]From the book “Getting A Job- What Skills Are Needed” by Carol Murphy and Lynn Jenks: Chinese university graduates were assigned jobs upon graduation by the government in a top-down process, which guaranteed them a job, but also determined where they should go and what they should do(6[16]). People who graduate from Chinese colleges can have the chance to get a job from the government. The employe[17]r offered four S[18]uggestions to the students[19],First, you[20] need[21] a summer workshop or skills learned in some courses. Develop[22] certain skills which will be “transferable” to many job situations.This can help you[23] find a job in the future or get a lot of help within the company.  Develop good job search skills, Some of those mentioned were resume writing, interviewing, and researching the current job market opportunities and employment trends. Some people with experience or work experience or volunteer work will have an easier time finding a job in the future.(1)It’s hard to find a job, but from the reading 6 Things You Must Do To Get Your First Job After College by Susan Adams, I learned that one must “create a linkedin profile [because] a linkedin profile can help recent college graduates find the job that fits in their m[24]ajor.  get an internship as early as possible(1). An internship will help you[25] find a job better. An internship is also a sign of ability to work. About 85% of people thought internships were either important or very important to their career, about 52 percent of people want to get three or more internships before graduation. But so far, only 40 percent have done at least one internship.(1)   Get creative about finding a mentor.(1) it’s about 37% named their parents as their mentor, 28% said their professor as their mentor, 21% said their family or friend as their mentor. But Just 10% said they found a mentor through social networking. Schawbel understands why students turn to parents, family and friends, but he recommends making use of social networks. Unless your parents work in the field you want to pursue, they are not going to be able to help you most effectively.“You’ve got to find someone who is doing what you want to do,” (1) Use your school’s career services office.(1) this is what the most easy way to find a job. But only 29% of students use their college’s career office. Though c[26]areer offices can also help with resume and cover letter writing, and job interview preparations, the most powerful resource is the alumni database. (1) There are job career fairs at college. While there are a lot of companies that will come to your college, it’s the most easy way to find a job. From the article  “Building Your Resume” by Judith Russell. “Do I really need to create a resume?” The answer is yes. Whether you’re a student or an experienced nurse, you should start building or updating your resume (1)[27]A resume is arguably the most important thing before an interview. Because a good resume can make you stand out from other recruiters. A good resume can help you get an interview. So what makes a [28]good resume? You need to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective employer and think about what you want to see in this resume. The first thing you should include is  List your accomplishments in a bulleted list and try to quantify them.(2) you should list all the experiences that you have and be sure to mention what you have to offer for those jobs or activities. Elaborate on skills that you will bring to a new specialty area(2), It’s important to highlight what you can bring to the company. Write a realistic, specific objective(2). You need to explain why you are looking for a job in this company. You need to show how much you love the job and want to spend time in the new role. Recruiters will appreciate your work ethic.  List any current or past memberships and awards(2). List any current or past memberships and awards. This column needs to reflect the honors or awards you’ve received over a long period of time. Because those awards can better reflect what you are capable of. Of course, those awards are even better if they’re related to the job you’re applying for.  Remember that the days of a “pretty” resume are over(2). Resumes don’t need to be fancy, because instead of giving you a better chance, a fancy resume can hurt your chances of getting the job. It’s okay to have some italics or something like that on your resume but too much of it will go the other way.
Include the number of years you held a position or assignment along with the dates.(2) If you include your previous jobs and time on your resume, it will make the recruiter think you’re serious.  A resume represents you, because the recruiter won’t see you before the interview. So a resume[29] is the only chance for the recruiter to get to know you.So take the opportunity and write a good resume.Finding a job is not an easy thing, even if there are many materials on the Internet. Work belongs to the realm of society. Therefore, we can learn more useful information from people around us who have successfully found jobs. Because they have successful cases. But be sure to find people who are relevant to the job you’re looking for so that can help you more.                                    Work cited.Adams, Susan. “6 Things You Must Do To Get Your First Job After College.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 19 Feb. 2015,[30]T_CollegeDegreeRacialGaps.pdf-Quoting and paraphrasing need work. -Minimize your use of second person “you.”-Maybe find more substantial sources?-Work on paragraph structure (PIE)-Recommendation for tutoring.Don’t forget a titlecutMany people with college degrees, sobecomesConnect paragraphs into one.lookedFix this topic sentence.ItalicsQuote marks around the quote.similar to what????AThis paragraph is missing the E in PIE. Point, Information, Explanation.Same citation problem with quotes as above.Which employer?sWhich students?Me? I’m not a student at university any more. Who are you speaking to? Research papers tend to obtain from the use of second person “you.”Perhaps, First one needsneedsWho needs to develop these skills?oneRevised.a student? a retired person? a recent college graduate?Watch out for second person “you.”Same citation problem with quotes as above.This is OK.Citation and use of second person “you” here is problematic.This Work Cited needs work.