455 Week 7 D6

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Hospice Care Versus Palliative Care Hospice Care Versus Palliative Care There are several differences between hospice and palliativecare and one of the main differences in these forms of care are the definitions of these forms of care. In case of palliative care the focus of the healthcare professionals is to help the patient in attaining relief from the symptoms they are experiencing as a result of a chronic disease they are suffering from (Hui, 2012). On the other hand, hospice can is different from palliative care but the kind of care provided in hospice care is quite similar in nature to the care provided in palliative care. In hospice care a patient suffering from a chronic disease in such a state that providing them with treatment that is curative in nature is of no use. Due to this the hospice care providers focus on providing support that ill person as well as their friends and family members while trying to help the patient attain relief from symptoms such as pain and fatigue caused due to the disease they are experiencing. The goals of treatment in both form of treatments is even quite different. In case of palliative care the goal is to help patients cure the disease they are suffering and in case of hospice care the goal is to provide comfort as cure is no longer attainable. The timing at which these form of care are provided are even quite different. In case of timing for the treatment of palliative care the treatment can occur anytime while the chronic disease that a patient is suffering is in its development stages. In case of hospice care the timing of this type of treatment depends on when the physician acknowledges and certifies that the patient may not be able to survive more than six months (Meier, 2010). ReferencesHui, D., Mori, M., Parsons, H., Kim, S., Li, Z., Damani, S., amp. Bruera, E. (2012). The Lack of Standard Definitions in the Supportive and Palliative Oncology Literature. Journal Of Pain And Symptom Management, 43(3), 582-592. doi:10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2011.04.016Meier, D., Isaacs, S., Hughes, R., amp. Lavizzo-Mourey, R. (2010). Palliative care. San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass.