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First Sur Mission ment It is not through our independence and freedom to produce content from inside our company that makes us exclusive and unique in the production industry. Our company combines active collaboration with big firms in the world, maintenance of exceptional content quality, strategic media releases, and maximization of the use of social media in realizing goals. Coupled with the element of speed in production and services spiced with variety and exceptional creativity, the company desires to transform the world’s music industry, using its unique workforce to set apart and elevate the company to the next competitive generation.
Provide a chance for uplifting marketing collaboration in all areas of entertainment for the fans seeking the best quality production in the entertainment industry through the reporting of positive news in entertainment, fashion and art as well as fresh experience in live social events.
Executive Summary of Marketing and Distribution Plan
Parkwood Company plans to use its independence in assembling able teams that can execute decisions precisely. The company uses its strategic placement in the American music industry to form joint ventures with some of the big recording firms in the world such as the Columbia Records. This makes the fans want to feel the unique piece and talent display emanating from a dual origin. The company uses brand partnership and makes use of sponsors in promoting her content. Additionally, the company organizes strategic launches through the assistance of big communication companies like Apple. This strategy draws many fans to like Beyoncé’s music and videos on the go. In addition, the intensive use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others draws a good portion of the public attention.
Consistency of the Marketing and Distribution Plan with New Trends and
Competitive Strategy
The approach used by Parkwood Entertainment Company is in line with the contemporary trends and competitive strategies. Just as other entertainment fans embrace collaboration in marketing, the firm maximizes in the strategy through engaging some of the world’s best corporations such as Pepsi and Apple to establish a significant competitive advantage. In addition, Beyoncé’s capitalizes on the online social network marketing which draws the useful and youthful fans whose loyalty cannot waiver easily. This marketing trend conforms to the dominant online marketing that currently gives a competitive edge to (Krstic and Becic 118).
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