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Journal Questions Question One The schools play different roles to children, teachers and parents. From the past, the role of school has been changing. Parents take their children to school to receive education and learn new concepts. The society has taken school as a compulsory thing and parents prepare their children at age of two to join school. Currently, it is a requirement by the society for all children to be taken to school. The government has given parents the liability of taking their children to school and those who fail are charged in court. The school gives children civic development. When children go to school they acquire civic development. The school also plays the role of emotional development to the children. The school plays the role of cognitive, vocational and social development to the children. In the recent, the role of school has been changing as the parents take their children to school at early age. Parents take their children to school at early age in for the purpose of being taken care. Parents who go to work decide to take their children to school instead of employing house help to take care of them. School also plays the role of career development as children are told to study hard in order to get a good job (Clark 71).
Question Two
Economic, gender, culture and learning style factors helps the students to succeed in different ways while at school. Economics helps students to develop management skills. Economics enables students to understand how they can manage their fund and budget their income in future. Gender helps the student to develop social skill. Gender interaction makes the students to be more social and know how to interact with people despite their gender. Culture helps the students to develop interaction skills and socialization. Students learn different culture and how to interact with people from different cultural back ground and ethnic groups. Learning styles helps the student to be critical thinkers. Through the use is different learning styles, students become critical thinkers (Clark 64).
Question Three
Parents expect their children to learn new concepts and ideas in school. Parents expect the students to be in the hands of effective and committed staff who can not expose the children to drugs, harassment and bullying. Students also expect their children to learn democratic values of multicultural and also the society culture. Parents also expect their children to develop social competencies in school. Parents are left home believing that children learn positive things and not negative things like alcoholism and delinquent behaviour (Clark 68).
Question Four
In school I expect to learn positive things and also interact with new friend. I expect to learn new concepts and ideas from school. When interacting with friends, I expect to learn new cultural practises and how to associate with people from different ethnic background. I also expect to develop skill which will help me in professional or career life. I expect the teachers to give the students the best knowledge and not bullying (Clark 76).
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