3 An Environmental Psychologist Surveys Young And Old Adults On Their Opinion About A New Multistory Office

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3. An environmental psychologist surveys young and old adults on their opinion about a new multi-story office


I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. YOUNG AND OLD ADULTS OPINION

4. A clinical psychologist studies the depression scores of people in her therapy group and the scores of those on the waiting list for the therapy group.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V DEPRESSION SCORES

5. A cognitive psychologist measures the number of items remembered when presented in either a quiet or noisy condition.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. NUMBER OF ITEMS REMEMBERED

6. An educational psychologist works in three different classrooms to see if the number of windows affects student performance.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. NUMBER OF WINDOWS

7. A physiological psychologist gives a stimulant or a depressant to a rat and measures the number of open-field exploration boxes entered.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. NUMBER OF OPEN-FIELD EXPLORATION BOXES

8. A counseling psychologist working with normal and dysfunctional couples gives each group the Bem Sex-Role Inventory.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. RESULTS OF BEM SEX-ROLE INVENTORY

9. A school psychologist gives the Strong Campbell Interest inventory to a group of students planning to go to college and those not planning to go to college.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. RESULTS OFSTRONG CAMPBELL INTEREST INVENTORY

10. A behavioral psychologist counts the number of ums spoken by novice and professional speakers.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. NUMBER OF UMS SPOKEN

11. An experimental psychologist uses four different orders of presentation in an experiment that measures the number of words recalled.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. NUMBER OF WORDS RECALLED

12. An industrial/organizational psychologist studies the number of cars produced on the assembly line during morning and evening shifts.

I.V. ______________________________________ D.V. NUMBER OF CARS PRODUCED

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