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You need to access the case from Harvard Business Publishing entitled,Jonathan Miller: Custom Energy Bar Entrepreneur Pitches Sharks.This case is included in the Entrepreneurial Finance Course Pack that all but one of you have purchased.During class, we will watch Jonathan Miller’s Shark Tank pitch.(due in 3 days)Your assignment is to write a paper addressing the following issues:1. Assess the market opportunity for Element Bars, based on both the case materials and Miller’s Shark Tank Pitch.2. What type of capital should Miller raise? Why?3. If Miller wants to raise equity capital, how much ownership should he give up?4. Taking the perspective of the founder, calculate the value of Element Bars using the approaches that we have discussed in class.Which techniques work best for this situation?What objective and subjective data supports your valuation?How would you defend your valuation to potential investors?You should be able to answer these questions in 3 pages or less, excluding exhibits.Be sure to attach any spreadsheets to your submission.This is not a group assignment.All work submitted should be your own original work.