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I do surveys often with the Nielson report. I also recently did a survey on Covid and how it has impacted my life. The information with Covid was used by a university that was conducting research on Covid since it is a novel virus.The information involved yes and no responses There were also short answer choices . I am sure that the short answers had points for the type of responses. The information was collected by attaching the survey to an email. The survey was completed and sent directly to the testing site.The sampling was from the populations. It used simple random sampling. β€˜In this case each individual is chosen entirely by chance and each member of the population has an equal chance, or probability, of being selected. One way of obtaining a random sample is to give each individual in a population a number, and then use a table of random numbers to decide which individuals to include.1For example, if you have a sampling frame of 1000 individuals, labelled 0 to 999, use groups of three digits from the random number table to pick your sample. So, if the first three numbers from the random number table were 094, select the individual labelled β€œ94”, and so on.As with all probability sampling methods, simple random sampling allows the sampling error to be calculated and reduces selection bias. A specific advantage is that it is the most straightforward method of probability sampling. A disadvantage of simple random sampling is that you may not select enough individuals with your characteristic of interest, especially if that characteristic is uncommon, β€œ wrote Method of sampling from a population.19/05/20204businessfinance