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This should be geared towards addressing most of the challenges and needs that the society may be n need of. Therefore, through incorporating the triple bottom line theory, this paper will explore on how brands should create shared value (Junge 2011). Triple bottom line principles Social structure of the society One of the main characteristics of triple bottom line is the social structure that a brand is exposed too. For any social structure, the individuals expect that, a business that is being carried out should be beneficial to all the individuals involved and contributing to its success. This involves the laborers in the fields, the region and community in which a business is being conducted by a corporation. Therefore, for a good social structure, a corporate must consider the stakeholder and the labor interest to be interdependent (CunninghamCunningham 2004). Part of the social structure consideration is that a corporation should make profits that are based on the raw product and labor considerations. The raw material producer should not be given what they deserve. Some companies ensure that the raw material producer always has very little to benefit from. For example, the cement processing companies should consider the raw material value and give enough returns for the extraction of the raw material. The final product matters but if it was not for the raw material then, there would be no cement being produced. It is thus important that all the social aspects are put into consideration (CunninghamCunningham 2004). The labor department should also ensure that, there is no child labor in the company. The use of child labor is a form of exploitation and child abuse. More so, there should be fair wages given to the laborers of a company. The wages should match the type of work they do. Some companies undermine fair wages to their employees. This includes extra working hours under extremely tough conditions with very minimal wages provided to the employees. Some laborers even go the whole day without any allowance for food and water (Rauch 2012). It is thus vital that, considering the social structure, a company considers fair wages and also fair working hours. Providing facilities for health care of the community which is part of a business is vital and offering of education in relation to the products and their impacts is also important. For example, if the use of a certain brand of soap has side effects to the animals, then, there should be precautions on how to handle this type of soap and keep it away from pets kept at home. If all these practices are put into place, it is likely that a business will flourish with the customers and employees put into consideration hence, positive outcomes (Rauch 2012). Environmentally friendly Creation of value also entails considering practices that are sustainable in relation to the environment. The products that are produced by a company should ensure that there are minimal negative environmental impacts. Environmentally friendly and sustainable practices involve incorporating of minimal consumptions of energy resources. This should be carried out with the intention of conserving environmental resources. Better options of energy use like the use of renewable forms of energy should be encouraged (Ganesan 2012). Through this, a company involved in a business should be able to incorporate the reduction of waste