1520 Lines Poem needed

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Assignment 1: It is a simple poem assignment, the teacher will not grade it tough. Please use my experience about learning SAT and TOFEL test in two months and succeed got ucla’s offer finally to write a 15-20 lines poem. In the poem you can describe that how hard to learn a second language in 2 month. Study day and night. 20,000 vocabularies need to remember. Even though for native speaker students, SAT is also a tough test for them. However, I study to learn these two tests from I only know a little bit English and finally got 1460/1600 in SAT. My parents and teachers are so proud of me. The poem does not to be perfect. Just try your best to write as good as you can.Assignment 2: For this post, discuss: What is the relationship between marriage, monogamy, and power? Please reference the Spade article in your post.(Below is the reading that for assignment2)08/05/202023literature