1 What Are The Current Profit Margin Percentages On Both Systems?2 Ur Safe’S Management Believes That It

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Required information [The following information applies to the questions displayed below. ] UR Safe Systems installs home security systems. Two of its systems, the ICU 100 and the ICU 900, have these characteristics:
Design Specifications ICU 1 00 ICU 9 00 Cost Data
Video cameras 3 1 5 llG/ea
Video monitors 3 3 5 28/ea
Motion detectors 5 5 5 20/ea
Floodlight-.5 l 6 5 8 [ea
Alarms 2 2 5 1 5 / ea
Wiring 710ft. 1,110ft. 50.1/ft.
Installation 15 hr 27 hr 5 13/111- The ICU 100 sells for $920 installed, and the ICU 900 sells for $1,630 installed. Required: 1. What are the current profit margin percentages on both systems? 2. UR Safe’s management believes that it must drop the price on the ICU 100 to $860 and on the ICU 900 to $1,500 to remain
competitive in the market Recalculate profit margin percentages for both products at these price levels and then compute the target cost needed for each product to maintain the current profit margin percentages. (For all requirements, round your percentage answers to 2 decimal places and other answers to the nearest whole dollar
amount.) Current profit margin Profit margin % Target oost Business