1 The Use Of Mobile Devices That Store Sensitive Mobile Data Has Resulted In Lack Of Legislative Compliance In

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1. The use of mobile devices that store sensitive mobile data has resulted in lack of legislative compliance in

your organization. Which of the following is not

a threat that can result from a lack of legislative compliance?

Loss of business

Loss of business reputation

Civil penalties

Increased recognition by regulatory bodies

2.Which of the following is not one of the major risk factors that affect the long-term viability of an organization?

Loss of employees

Loss of data to inappropriate persons

Loss of money

Loss of trust

3._____ is one of the hottest commodities on the stolen-information market today.

Password information

Personal information

Auditing information

None of the above

4.A common security strategy called defense in depth assumes that any single protection mechanism in your environment will _____ at some point.




None of the above

5.Data that do not have a fixed location are known as data

at rest.

as fluid.


in motion.

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