1 Repairing Jobs

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Repairing jobs fail to satisfy This case involves an organization by the DrainFlow which has always usedspecialization with the aim of reducing their operational cost. However, lately they have been facing the consequences of specialization as many clients have been complaining about the quality of services offered by the organization. The company offers plumbing maintenance services. According to the regional director the organization’s employees might not be able to perform to the expected standards because they are not motivated enough. When customers call seeking services the information processor usually take down the details then decide whether a plumber or an assistant plumber will be appropriate in that case. The problem in this case is that the regional manager is worried with the rate at which their customers have been communicating their dissatisfaction. The company saves allot through specialization. Confusion arose from the fact that the plumbers had very minimal knowledge in the plumbing field. Some customers had communicated the fact that the order in which the questions were asked by the processors would sometimes lead to confusion. The company lost about 25% of their potential customers due to such confusions. However, the complaint that was received most from the company was the delayed response time and cost. This was specifically very true for cases where the wrong personnel were sent to the site. This implies that the firm will have to resent another employee. If the customer in case wanted the repair done quickly then they will definitely not consider seeking the company’s services the next time they need plumbing services. When an assistant plumber goes for a job that was meant for a plumber then the time spent in doing the job becomes more. In a situation where a plumber goes for a job that would have been done by an assistant plumber the job becomes expensive to the customer in question. The billing representatives also have a hard time when the wrong employees are sent to a site. They always have it hard trying to explain to the customers that they have to pay more for the services that were offered to them.In response to this problem the company plans to bring in a cash reward system which will be dependent on the level at which the customers show satisfaction in the company’s services. Job satisfaction might be part of the cause of the lack of performance. With motivated employees the company will be able to get the best of the employees. However, the company should also consider the process through which services are ordered. They should consider using people with more knowledge in plumbing. The plan that the company has might only work if there is proper coordination whereby the company seeks feedback on whatever job that is done by the firm’s employee. The company should make up policies where even the employees will have a pinch when the customers give complains about the jobs that they did. This will enable them to have the best from their employee while discouraging them from neglecting the standards set to them by the firm. The incentives can motivate while at the same time might end up being too expensive for the business organization to operate with (Gitman and McDanie 132). It might even lead to loss of employees, especially in cases where the customers might give inaccurate feedback. Work citedGitman, Lawrence J, and Carl D. McDaniel. The Future of Business: The Essentials. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western, 2008. Print.