1) A Food Manufacturer Included The Following Claim On The Label Helps Maintain Normal Iron Levels If You

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1) A food manufacturer included the following claim on the label: Helps maintain normal iron levels. If you

evaluated the claim, you would:

Select one:

a. be suspicious because this is a structure function claim requiring no advance approval

b. know this is an accurate statement because it was reviewed by FDA before being put on the label

c. know that the manufacturer has done extensive research on the claim

d. be aware that the USDA has done research on the manufacturer’s claim

2)If a person has inherited genetic coding that is related to heart disease, what effect might dietary practices have on this person’s health?

Select one:

a. no effect because development of the disease has been predetermined

b. differing effects dependent upon the type of genetic messages

c. completely reverse the genetic coding that has been inherited

d. will work the same way for everyone who has heart disease.

3) In the USDA Food Patterns, one ounce of meat is equal to all of the following except:

Select one:

a. 1 oz cooked fish

b. 1 egg

c. 1 tsp peanut butter

d. 1 cup cooked legumes

e. 1/2 oz nuts or seeds

4) Oils are not a food group but are important because they contribute vitamin E and essential fatty acids to the diet.

Select one:

a. use oils instead of solid fats when possible in your diet

b. butter contains the same food ingredients as margarine

c. solid fats include salad dressing, peanut oil and margarine

d. a and b

5) When planning a vegetarian diet:

Select one:

a. will be difficult when using USDA recommendations

b. the vegetable group contains legumes (beans), which provide a source of protein

c. all soy foods and soy milk contain the same nutrients as cows milk

d. nuts and seeds are high in fat and should be limited

e. vegetarians don’t need as much protein and non-vegetarians

6) If a nutrient does not have a Tolerable Upper Intake Level:

Select one:

a. it is safe to consume in any amount

b. insufficient data exist to establish a value

c. no caution is required when consuming supplements of that nutrient

d. it is safe when supplemental levels are added to foods.